about us

I am Elif Ayiter, a designer and a researcher. I am from Istanbul, where I teach at Sabanci University, in the Visual Arts and Visual Communication Design program.

My texts have been published at academic journals such as Technoetic Arts and the Journal of Consciousness Studies. I have presented creative as well as research output at conferences including Siggraph, Creativity and Cognition, Computational Aesthetics and Cyberworlds. I am also the chief editor of the journal Metaverse Creativity with Intellect Journals, UK and am currently studying for a doctoral degree at the Planetary Collegium, CAiiA hub, at the University of Plymouth with Roy Ascott.

I greatly enjoy making virtual things - both three dimensional, as well as in 2D. My creative output can be viewed on my website and my full CV can be downloaded from here.

And you can contact me here: ayiter@sabanciuniv.edu

I am Selim Kurar. I was born in Dusseldorf, Germany in April 1985. I attended high school at the Uskudar American Academy and completed my undergraduate education in Computer Engineering at Sabanci University while taking many courses in Visual Communication Design at the same time. Currently, I am a Visual Communication Design graduate student at Sabanci University.

I have experience and knowledge in web design, both on the design side and the coding part. Currently I am working on the ISEA2011 and LEA websites, also as a freelancer. I enjoy working on websites (xhtml & css), motion graphics, 3d, sound design and pretty much anything else that interacts. And I like to daydream about making unique websites and psychedelic movies.

You can contact me at selimkurar@sabanciuniv.edu